Kara's Collection: What is your legacy? ~ Guest Post by Jason Tippetts

from an article originally posted January 14, 2015...

Kara and I drove to the doctor the other day, really the only outing that is possible these past weeks. As we left our house, some of Kara’s girlfriends were talking by the fireplace. They were talking about Kara and the impact she has on them. Kara caught one saying "Kara always asks about my marriage." As we left the house, I could see Kara sinking into sadness. She mentioned the conversation we just overheard which caused her to remember who she used to be. She felt sad that she didn't have the energy to engage those conversations. I think she felt separate from her past investment in people; that her new normal had been ripped out of her old comforts and joy. That there was no congruency between the two.

As we drove, I reminded her of the heritage that she is leaving. All of our moments are linked together, all of our time with people, all of our love. Our investment is never wasted. It may seem inconvenient at the time but to see how God uses our past conversations to shape a future and in that we are each leaving a heritage. All of you readers have been shaped by God using Kara somehow in your life. This shaping will continue….past her last breath.

How can you see your ordinary time today as something that will shape someone's future? How has God used other people to shape who you are? Do you intentionally think on the legacy you are leaving behind. What would people say about you as they sit by a fire?