Thank you, friends!

Dearest friends,

It is with the humblest of hearts that the entire Mundane Faithfulness team thanks you for your gracious, lavish donations you have generously contributed since our post explaining our financial situation. We weren’t prepared for the overwhelming emotions we would experience seeing the emails coming in one after another from PayPal notifying us of your gifts. Friends, we not only have enough funds to sustain this sacred space until we can finish posting Kara’s original blogs, we have enough funds to host the blog for quite a while after that! Reading the beautiful notes accompanying your donations was precious—thank you for your kind, life-giving words.

Some of you have asked about specific numbers regarding what it costs to run the blog. We aren’t necessarily opposed to sharing those numbers, but after prayerful consideration, we decided as a team not to post the info so you wouldn’t feel that we were asking you to give out of any sense of obligation. We trust and pray that you have given out of joy for how Kara’s story has touched your hearts.

Finally, while we are working diligently to honor Kara’s wish to post her original blog posts, we want to remind you that shortly after she died, her talented editor compiled a collection of her blog posts in book form called And It Was Beautiful. It doesn’t include all of her articles, but it is a lovely compilation that tells Kara’s story well in completion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For your generosity, for your prayers, for your kindness, and most of all for joining us on this journey of looking for grace in the mundane. How well Kara is being honored in this beautiful place.