Kara’s Collection: The Enormous Small Moments

from an article originally posted September 30, 2014…

My friend posted this picture of our goodnight kisses and snuggles. I simply love this picture. Love it. Here is the essence of the very best of life still met at the bottom of me. In this photo, I’m desperately sick, but love is still present. This moment matters. The echoes of this moment will be sounded into the entire life of my children. My children know they are wanted, longed for, prayed for, loved. In these enormous little moments, the best of our life is lived. Not when the vacation finally rolls around, not when the job improves, the diagnosis gets better.... No—this small moment captured is linked with a thousand other small moments. These small moments will grow my children tall in knowing love, experiencing love, and knowing how treasured they are. These moments will not protect them from the hard in their own stories, but it will grow in them a depth of love that will help them walk through and not around the hard in their stories.

In a moment of tickles and joy, a child feels they are treasured. So often we are fighting for moments alone, but pressing toward moving near our little loves in grace and joy is our great high calling. I get it—I know the desire for the quiet moment alone doing nothing...But when God grants the grace to move past ourselves and into the simple moments of love—well, that’s stunning. Beautiful. Worthy of the fight.

How are you being called to big love today? I cannot stop thinking how Paul, in Philippians, asks the church to abound more and more in love. What is more to you? More love that only God can grow in the stagnant crevices of your living and loving? Is it preparing the meal, kissing the man, snuggling the baby, playing the awful Candyland one more time? How is God calling you beyond your felt comfort and into the strength of His big love in little moments? I still feel so small today, but God is capable of growing big GIANT love into my story. I can listen to the hearts of my loves and pray for the grace to love them well beyond how I feel. Join me. I get it—alone feels so good, quiet delicious, but what if we move beyond our own longings and meet a neighbor that’s hurting? Embracing these small moments is no simple journey. We love our comfort. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we all stepped outside of our comfort to love another today? It would make tomorrow a bit more bearable.... I double, triple-dog dare you! Tell us: how are you being called to bigger love in a little moment today?