Grilled Cheese

I was cleaning out my email last week and found this blog post that I started sometime in February of 2015.

Seek to serve one another rather than to be happy, and you will find a new and deeper happiness.
— Tim Keller

Just wanted to update all of you.

Kara has good moments in her days where we can talk or she can handle short visits from friends. She is great at perking up when the kids come in, and she always has a question for them. The kids are noticing that their mom is fading, which is good—seeing with their own eyes. We are slowly enjoying the moments we have, but time never seems to stop long enough.

The other day Mickey brought a grilled cheese to Kara for lunch. I didn't have anything, so I just watched her eat. She offered me half of her sandwich. I said, Don't you want it?

She replied, I do, but I want to share more.

First of all, yes, I did take half of a sandwich from my dying wife. Second, it occurred to me how Kara's simple comment stuck with me: I want to share more. In my selfishness, I want to share less and will go to lengths to take what is mine. How destructive this action is.

What if I found more satisfaction in sharing than taking, more in giving than consuming?

What if I saw my selfishness as a bigger problem than other people’s selfishness?

Jesus says in Matthew 20:28, Even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…

How beautiful that even as she fades, Kara’s selflessness reflects God’s character and ministers to our hearts.