Two super exciting things coming soon!

On behalf of the Mundane Faithfulness Team, I am super duper excited to make two announcements about upcoming events that will give us an opportunity to interact a little bit more with each other and celebrate as a community.

First, we will be doing a book giveaway in which we give away THREE copies of Kara’s last book, And It Was Beautiful. Tune in next week to enter. Even if you have already read it or bought a copy, we still want you to enter—if you win, you can gift the copy to someone else who needs it.

Second, we will be having an online Facebook book release party for Jill’s latest fiction book, Her Texas Family. Friends, if you didn’t know Jill even wrote fiction, you are in for a treat! (You should also check out Falling for Texas!!) We are so pleased to celebrate this delightful book and Jill’s hard work. And to share the word with you so you can have the fun and encouragement of reading her fiction. (By the way, just like her nonfiction, Jill’s fiction makes fantastic gifts for your girlfriends!) Jill is incredibly gifted, and we would love for you to join us in celebrating her.

The party will be on Wednesday evening, May 4, from 6-7pm Mountain time (yikes—I’m going to ask you to do the math to figure out your time zone). Once the party event is set up, I will post the link for you to join.

This is going to be the party of the year! The century! We will have fun discussion questions and giveaways AND a Q&A time for you to ask Jill questions to get to know her and her books better. You won’t want to miss!!