New Place to Gather

So even from Heaven, Kara’s influence has prompted us to gather and become friends. I can’t even believe the weekend we have had at our new Facebook group!! So many heart-breaking, joy-filled stories of grace. Hearts shared. Fears and doubts exposed and prayed over. Sorrows expressed, comfort extended. In this place, kindness and grace rule, and I am overwhelmed.

We have had some questions I’d like to address: If you are already a member of the Mundane Faithfulness Facebook page, are you already a member of the new page? Is it the same thing? The answers are no and no. They are two separate groups. The original PAGE is basically a fan page that Kara set up to communicate to her readers and connect with them without accepting 60,000 friend requests. The format is different from the GROUP that we have now set up. This group gives us more flexibility in communicating and allows everyone to post and start conversations and discussions.

Does the new platform have to be a Facebook group? I am not on Facebook and feel like I am missing out. This question makes me sad. We knew that whatever avenue we chose, somebody would be left out. That is why we are still posting on the blog instead of making everything a Facebook conversation. We will still allow people to comment on the blog, although it does not allow the interaction that Facebook does. We researched many, many platforms for this new place to gather, and at the end of the day, Facebook offered the best benefits (in our opinion at this point), including easy and familiar user interface and the ability to click on someone’s profile and check them out. One of our priorities is safety—unkindness will not be tolerated AT ALL in our group. On this blog when people comment, we have no way of knowing who they are, and Facebook will help deter trolls.

Now I have a question for you! First of all, I have to admit my small-mindedness. I never in a million years expected the kinds of connections being made so soon. I am on a relational high! Even as an introvert, I can’t get enough of the friendships being made. I thought it would take months for us to get there. It took literally no time at all! So my question for you is, what would you like to see happen in this group? What can we, as members, friends, and fellow grace-seekers, do to love each other well and provide a safe environment of grace?

My suggestion is promises of prayer. When you see someone’s story posted, if no one has commented and offered prayer for that person, would you please take a moment, say a heartfelt prayer, and then comment and let them know you prayed for them?

What else? What else can we do to make this a rich home of grace? Hop over to our new group on Facebook and share your ideas!