Kara’s Collection: The Power of Coffee

From an article originally posted January 2, 2013…

I love coffee. Love it! I struggled through chemo when I couldn’t drink it because of the awful taste in my mouth. But coffee is powerful. The smell reminds me of the place where Jason and I connect every morning. When I was really sick in bed, Jason would put a cup of coffee beside my bed. The smell encouraged me to wake up even if I couldn’t drink it.

The smell of strong coffee brewing in my house is, for me, the most contented smell in the world. Jason and I both have favorite mugs that remind us of favorite people.

Jason and I have favorite chairs. They are ghetto, torn, shabby chairs that need replacing, but in this season I have loved their tattered tired state. They get me.

My favorite mornings are the coldest mornings. Jason will bring me my coffee in bed and tell me he made a fire. I literally feel giddy getting downstairs. Jason and I talk through our day, our concerns, and we read our Bibles side by side. We listen to the kids waking. We can tell by the sound of footsteps who comes first. The kids know when we are in this place they are welcome to join us for snuggles but they may not interrupt our conversation.

I cannot remember when we first started this habit, but it has been the best thing for our marriage. That and my husband who puts the care of others ahead of himself. I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t know how I like my coffee. I can’t tell you the ratio of half & half and sugar I like. Know why? My guy has brought me my coffee for years. I like my coffee made by my man, sitting next to my man, and in conversation with him.

Where do you love to connect with the ones you love?