Kara’s Collection: Much needed laugh

From an article originally posted October 24, 2012…

For a few days, I have attempted to sneak away to find something new to wear to Jason’s ordination Sunday evening. Each day I putter about and realize I don’t have the strength. Yesterday, my dear Tuesday friend (my grace-dress friend that comes to love on Story and me) came just as I was all weak and noodley from my bath. As a side bit of information you will never need to know, when one suddenly finds oneself bald after a shower, your head is very sensitive and cold. For a brief moment after a bath, I look absolutely normal with my head wrapped in a towel like it has been my entire adult life.

So, my dear friend came in my room as I was regaining my strength to get dressed. My head was wrapped in a towel and I was resting, looking so normal. She brought me the most lovely gift—a bracelet with the word grace in various languages. She sat and asked me how I was doing and encouraged my pooped-out heart. Then she looked at me sweetly and asked me if I wanted her to brush my hair. I said, “What?” because I thought I heard her wrong. I thought maybe she was asking if I wanted her to brush the hair of Story Jane. Again, as sweet as ever, she asked to brush my hair. I fell into a fit of giggles and said, “I don’t have any.” Oh goodness, we laughed so hard.

I would like to point out two things from this. One, I have a friend who would offer the tender, servant-hearted gift of brushing my hair. Two, Jesus knew I needed this friend and a good belly laugh. There is so much grace for this hard road.

Later as I was retelling the story to Eleanor, we had another big laugh. Ella said, “Mom, you should have said, ‘It’s over there on the counter,’ and pointed at your wig!” We had another sweet laugh. Someday, I will have hair for my sweet friend to brush; yesterday, I mostly needed her kindness and a giggle. I still get a happy heart and a chuckle thinking about it.