#9: Roundtable with the Girls - Pt. 1 (MFP)

As a grand finale to the Just Show Up series over the last several weeks, Jill and I asked a few of the girls to join us in a roundtable discussion about what it looked like to learn how to show up for Kara and do friendship with someone who was dying. These are some of the women you’ve seen in Kara’s pictures, rubbing her feet and laughing with her, sharing her table, caring for her children, just doing life together. I am not sure how to describe this time that we spent together talking about our gatherer who wasn’t there; Cristy made me laugh so hard I cried, Justine made me cry so many tears that my sniffles had to be edited out. Etcetera. I looked at Heather and Shellie and praised God for the woman who brought these friends into my life. And Jill—what a gift she has been. This was a healing time for us, a time of sadness that was overshadowed by joy.