MFP #4: Jill and Corrie

This week on the Mundane Faithfulness Podcast, Jill talks to Corrie about chapters 2 & 3 of Just Show Up. I was home with a sick baby and so sad to miss Corrie! But when I listened to the podcast, I felt like I was right there with them. Jill asks deep, engaging questions, and Corrie gives insightful, humble answers. I could listen to them talk for hours!

Over at the Mundane Faithfulness Community, we will be discussing the following questions. If you aren’t on Facebook, feel free to leave your answers as comments. We love hearing from you all.

When was the last time someone showed up for you during a crisis of some sort? Who was it, and what did they do? They may have fumbled a little or maybe even a lot, but they still showed up. Have you taken the time to thank them?

Okay, here’s your chance. Write down two or three inappropriate Christian platitudes you’ve either headr said to others or been the recipient of yourself. There might be one you’ve even used before and after the fact thought, Wow, that really wasn’t helpful. There’s no need to feel shame. If anything, try to laugh about it. We all get do-overs in the practice of showing up.