The end of a sweet era...

Dearest friends, we have reached a major milestone here at Mundane Faithfulness: we have finished reposting all of Kara’s blog posts! As you know, at the end of Kara’s life, her original website broke beyond repair, so one of her wishes for Mundane Faithfulness was that we repost her content. It’s taken three and half years, many tears, and the love and encouragement of this beautiful community, but we have accomplished Kara’s goal, and I am so proud of us!! Thank you for being faithful readers, for praying for the MF team, for loving Kara and her family, and for being supportive friends.

Now the question is, What’s next?! Some of you have asked if we will start reposting Kara’s blogs again from the beginning. The answer is no—now that all of them are up, we don’t see the need for asking our technologist to take the time to do that. Speaking of our technologist, I just want to thank him here and now for his mundane faithfulness over the last few years in giving of his time, effort, and energy to this sacred place. He does so much behind the scenes, y’all would be shocked. This hasn’t been an easy three and a half years, but he has served with generosity, gentleness, kindness, selflessness, and creativity; God has used him to make an eternal impact on all of our lives through his important work. Thank you, Jacob!

I know we will all miss getting that email with Kara’s words in it. If you are interested in rereading all of Kara’s posts, you can do a search on MF for “Kara’s Collection,” and all of her posts will generate (or click on the “Kara’s Collection” hyperlink in any of those posts). Or, you can purchase a copy of her book And It Was Beautiful, which is a compilation of her blog posts published by her editor shortly after her death.

We will continue posting occasional blog posts here, just to stay in touch with everyone, to share our hearts and any news, if there is any.

In conclusion, I just want to thank God for his love and faithfulness to all of us—for how he has used Kara and her words to bring us together and learn how to faithfully look for grace in the midst of suffering and the mundane.