We need your help!

Dear friends,

As the MF team has struggled to get into the 2018 groove (thank you, tummy bug, post-Christmas-letdown, and general anxiety from not measuring up to the self-imposed expectations I experience every time I get a letter from my kid’s preschool), we have come face to face with what we knew was inevitable: Mundane Faithfulness has run out of money (I originally typed fun out of money, which I wish were the case instead!).

In the past, we have relied on the generosity of businesses to purchase ad space to sustain us, but after we were swindled by our third-party ad company, we stopped offering ad space and prayed that the Google/Amazon sidebar ads would be enough; they help a little, but don’t cover the cost of maintaining Mundane Faithfulness.

Some of you are probably surprised to hear that running a blog costs money! We have three basic expenses:

1.     Domain name renewal--the right to use mundanefaithfulness.com.

2.     Hosting of website--rent, basically, to host the blog online.

3.     MadMimi--a subscription service that sends the emails out each time we post.

If you are reading this post because you received an email, this will be the last email you receive until we can afford to continue the subscription; we will continue posting (HUGE guest blog coming next week!!), but you just won’t get the email notices.

Kara’s hope for Mundane Faithfulness was twofold: that it would be a platform for her friends and family to write, and that we would be able to finish posting all of her blog entries. Some of you remember when her original blog crashed, losing all its content back in 2015!! That was devastating, and we’ve been working to get all of her original work back up, one post at a time as we edit them and locate the original pictures that correspond to them.

Anyway, we’d like to humbly invite you all to share in Kara’s Mundane Faithfulness legacy. We extend this invitation with prayer and hope, knowing that the Lord is sovereign and the ultimate owner of this sweet, safe place where we have all found Grace.

We are embedding a Paypal button in the next several blog posts so that if you feel led by the Lord, you can donate to help keep us going (this will not be tax deductible, as we are a simple blog, not a 501c3). Thank you for your prayerful consideration; we would love your prayers even if you are not able to give. We always, always love your prayers.

Thank you so much for being on this journey of grace with us—we love seeking grace with you.