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For all of my 20s and into my 30s, I put myself under the authority of a person who was studying to become (and eventually became) a biblical counselor and who told me that the root of my depression was my sin. The eventual collapse of our relationship was ugly and awful and terribly painful, but now I see that I was actually freed from an emotional abuse that caused scars that I will likely carry all of my days. And one of those scars is fighting the lie that my sin causes depression. I’m not saying that sin can’t cause depression, but this person counseled me to believe that being depressed is a sin, period. And any time I find myself in my lion’s den, I fight those old lies that God broke me free from years ago. Which is why, whenever I come across an article like this, I want to scream and shout and share it with the world, especially people who believe it is wrong to be depressed or people who don’t know how to engage their depressed loved ones. This article was a balm to my heart; I will revisit this again and again, and I pray that each person who reads it will be blessed and redeemed in some way.

As fall quickly approaches, I have found myself in a strange new place—a place of rest! I sat down with my family’s August/September calendar the other day, and for the first time in so many years I don’t know how many, I’m not teaching or leading any kind of formal Bible study! My season of pursuing rest is ongoing, and with some changes at our sweet little church, I find myself not preparing any kind of study at all. And it. is. weird. But wonderful, too, because I know this is right where Jesus wants me—he has gifted me with a beautiful time of metaphorical deep breathing and stretching and slow walking. I can hardly wait! But for those of you who are getting ready to lead your women’s groups, you might find this article encouraging! I love how Jen Wilkin breaks down the necessities of women’s Bible studies into 3 simple thoughts. Read and be blessed! (There is also a video if you prefer to watch instead of read!)