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On today’s edition of Lovely Links, we are featuring links that are related to rest. As you know, I’ve been pursuing rest, learning what rest looks like for me, and seeking God’s direction for rest in my heart and home. Here are a few different resources that have impacted me in my journey and might (maybe!) help you, too.

A friend sent this to me last week. It’s Rebekah Lyons’ 10-day video series on rest. So, how could I not subscribe?! And then how could I not share it with all of you?! I plan to start it this week, and I am certain that it will be a blessing. All you do is provide your email address, and then they will send you each day’s video. Easy peasy.

Here is a short video/article by the author of the book Glory in the Ordinary, which I have not read but maybe I will. In this article, she talks about the difference between rest and idleness and how difficult it is for those of us who stay at home to rest. She also talks about how we were created for good work but we still need rest. YES! I shouted at my computer! Someone who understands this dichotomy of working 24/7 and not really know how to find rest when, as a mama, I’m on constantly on call.

This is a blog post by an author and a co-founder/director of a soul-care retreat center here in Colorado. I. Love. This. Perspective. He talks about how the cultural trend is to find balance in life, but we don’t actually need balance—we need to experience the gift of rhythm:

We need to disassemble the cultural lessons we have absorbed. We need to quit spinning plates to make life work because we already know we can’t spin and spin for long. A plate seems to always be flying off and crashing somewhere, doesn’t it?...Learning to live a life of rhythm allows one to truly stop; really rest deeply and disengage at regular intervals. Sabbath is the hinge pin to all spiritual rhythms.

Here is an article by Paul Tripp that is not about rest at all; however, I included it because although it’s about how to respond when life hurts and doesn’t make sense, I think that we often aren’t able to rest because we don’t know how to rest in Christ when our circumstances are not what we expected/planned for/hoped. While you’re reading this, hit the subscribe button—you’ll never regret reading Paul Tripp’s wise words!