Fundane Links

Hello, friends! We are trying a new feature on the blog in which we share links to interesting, edifying blogs or websites for your perusal. We took a poll in the Mundane Faithfulness Community and decided to call this new feature Fundane Links! Cheesy, maybe, but kind of cute, right? Our goal is to link you (if you're interested) to other folks who might be a source of encouragement.

Here is a great article about shame. My women's Bible study read Heather Davis Nelson's book, Unashamed, this year, and it has been a wonderful book to read in a safe group to discuss our shame stories and how to find healing in the Gospel. In this simple blog post, she gives us an overview of what we need to know about shame! If you like this article, check out her book--it's a wonderful resource whether you read it in a small group or at home on your couch!

Caitlin shared this article a couple of weeks ago on social media and I can't stop thinking about it. It talks about how as Christians, we sometimes set expectations in our minds for how to glorify God--we have arbitrary rules and think we need to achieve certain things to be good Christians. But the Femina Girls challenge that and gently suggest that we can glorify the Lord regardless of our situations or how we are struggling in life. I found deep freedom in the truths presented here; if you read nothing else this week, please read this!

Next is a short, sweet article about spiritual friendship. It's simple, but it resonated with my heart in lovely ways and gave me food thought to chew on for a few days.

Okay, here is a powerhouse article--The Surprising Upside to Sadness. It's the kind of article that I wish I had written because it rings so true in my heart and is something I emphatically agree with! I just love this. If you struggle with depression or have ever been sad, read this! You'll love it.