Back in business

Friends, I am sure you have noticed that the blog has not been updated in almost a week! Eek! My little family has been hit hard by illness, and I am just now emerging from days filled with throw-up buckets, bleach, Gatorade, and endless cuddles (although I think I'll keep the cuddles going!). Please accept my apologizes for the lack of posts last week. We are ready to go this week and have the regular Kara's Collection and Wednesday bookclub lined up. Be on the lookout for a post by Jason on Friday! It will make your heart fill with joy, I promise. 

Thank you, always, for your loyalty and love. This community is precious, and I'm thankful to be a part of it! 

p.s. I took this sweet picture of my babies "reading" together when I was sick; little did I know that they would soon fall ill themselves! But this moment was dear to my heart as they looked out for each other, and I wanted to share it with you.