Instagram Book Giveaway

Hey, friends—if you haven’t found our new account on Instagram, check it out! We post encouragement almost every day, and next week, we will be doing our Gospel Fluency book giveaway on Instagram, so pop over and follow us today! We are also on Twitter!

Gospel Fluency, by Jeff Vanderstelt, is a game changer. Jeff (do you mind if I call you Jeff?) seeks to unpack the gospel and describe how it permeates every part of our lives, freeing us from compartmentalizing our relationship with Jesus and the ins and outs of our daily life. The gospel saturates our hearts and lives, and will impact those around us. But to have those conversations with others about the work of Christ in us, we need to first understand it.

Folks, you do not want to miss this book.

It’s very possible that even though you are familiar with Jesus, you have yet to believe in him for yourself, for your life. Or maybe you have come to faith in Jesus, but it hasn’t really changed what you do daily or how you engage in the everyday stuff of life...We all need help because we can come up with plenty of reasons not to believe, not to hope, and not to trust in God’s word and work for us. We need the gospel and we need to become gospel-fluent people.