Wednesday Bookclub

Many of you are members of the Mundane Faithfulness Community on Facebook. If you aren’t, I am not sure I can explain what it is! It’s a group of like-minded gracemongers who are walking alongside each other looking for God’s grace in all areas of life, whether it’s the mundane parts or a difficult situation, like illness or relational strain or death of a loved one. We have one basic rule: Be Kind. And the kindness and gentleness that meets us there is stunning. I have made life-long friends in that group! There is a prayer event every day in which the prayers of the members are categorized and listed so that we can pray for each other. People share their hearts, their struggles, their joys, their praise pigs, their news, and in return, members comment with encouragement and prayers and scripture. It’s a sacred place.

Anyway, I share all that to tell another long story before I get to my main point: I started that group in September 2015, 6 months after Kara’s Homegoing. The book she and Jill cowrote, Just Show Up was coming out, and I had been invited to a marketing meeting at the publisher’s, in which we shared ideas for how to share this precious book with others. I had an idea: what if we did a bookclub of sorts? What if we had a group on social media where we read the book and answered discussion questions together? So I created the Mundane Faithfulness Community (MFC) on Facebook, hoping for 50-100 people to read and share and discuss Just Show Up together.

Well, God had other plans. While we did read the book together and have good discussions, by the end of the first day, we were well past 100 members, and they were taking my invitation to share their stories very seriously! By the end of the first week, I felt like my heart had made so many connections with so many beautiful souls, and I could so clearly see God at work in this place—I could not have ever imagined such a community, even if I were trying to! If you are curious, check it out. It’s tremendous.

So, that brings me to the point of this post: I still love the idea of having a bookclub of sorts! I have been wanting to read the book Befriend, by Scott Sauls. a pastor, writer, and friend of the Tippetts’. It’s a book about befriending others, from those who are different to those who are needy, a book about how to create belonging. His first book was great, and Ann Voskamp wrote the foreword to Befriend, so I figure we can’t go wrong. So what do you say? Are you interested in reading this together? Order your copy today—we’ll discuss a chapter every Wednesday, starting with the foreword next week! Hooray!