The Real Hope of Christmas

Originally posted Advent, 2016...

What if we could touch it and understand it? The real hope of Christmas. Peace like we'll know in heaven. What if Christmas wishes like in the movies really did come true?

And people got along.

And reached for peace and grace and faith.

What if the hope of heaven could come down and touch us like the woman at the well who reached for our Lord's cloak? She knew. She knew the answers that resided in the folds of that garment, and she wanted it.

We're like her during this Christmas season. We're waiting for our Lord to touch us and heal us and show us what we can't see. The ultimate hope. The eraser of fear. Love and life everlasting.

Darkness clouds our vision. We can't see past the dingy to the clear and perfect. But we hold on to that wish. The dream of what is to come. Of the beautiful new.

I want that kind of hope and faith. I want that kind of peace. I think it's in the future. That I can't have it now. But then I remember...he already came.

He's here. Right here in this mess. In the dirty, trash ridden gutter of my life. He's not in the castle up high on the hill. He doesn't do the royalty role like he could. He chooses us. Right where we are.

We think we're alone, but he doesn't understand why we can't see him right next to us. He wants that burden weighing you down. Yes, the one you think no one knows about. The one that steals your breath and brings tears to your eyes. The one you're not sure you're going to survive. Even that. He's waiting for us to hand it over.

He's with us, and Christmas is our reminder. We celebrate the birth of a savior, and in it, we are the ones given the gift of a new life.

Immanuel. God with us.