Mundane Faithfulness Community Giveaway

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and we’ll all be seeing a lot of pink around us. I can admit that when Kara was sick, I used to get a bit cranky about all of the pink. I would wonder why we needed a reminder about breast cancer. Doesn’t everyone know someone who’s had it or is currently dealing with it? I didn’t need a ribbon to prompt me to think about such a devastating disease.

But over time, my attitude has changed. I’ve started to think of this month in a new light. It’s a chance to support those battling breast cancer. To honor the fighters, Kara included. Those who are currently battling. Those who are in remission. Those who have already won and gone Home to victory in Heaven.

In that vein, we are SO EXCITED (yes, all caps level) to share what we have planned for you all.

First off, all of Kara’s books will be on sale through October:

Just Show Up is $1.99 from 9/26 – 10/31.

And It Was Beautiful is $2.99 from 10/3 – 10/31.

The Hardest Peace is $2.99 from 10/3 – 10/31.

Many of you have read these. Some haven’t had a chance yet. Our prayer is that people are blessed by Kara’s wisdom and the words on these pages. This whole month of celebrating Kara and breast cancer fighters came about because we were thinking about how Kara’s faith changed so many lives. And we want that to continue! So amazing that her words are still here to encourage so many.

We also want to celebrate the beautiful community Mundane Faithfulness has become. You all are THE BEST. You love so big and give so freely. Thank you for that! In order to continue Kara’s spirit of generosity, we’re hosting a community giveaway during the month of October.

We will be giving away a total of 27 books. Yes, you heard that right! Eek! We’re JUST A LITTLE excited. ;)

Here’s how the giveaway will work: You’ll need to enter for a chance to win through the Giveaway Tools box below. (We realize this is an extra step, but this will allow the system can keep track of entries for us. We appreciate your understanding with this!)

There are numerous ways to enter. We tried to give as many choices as we could so that if one isn’t a fit for you, another is. Choose one or all—it’s up to you!

There will be 3 winners.

Each of the three winners will win a prize package containing the following: 3 copies of The Hardest Peace, 3 copies of Just Show Up, and 3 copies of And it was Beautiful.

So each winner will receive 9 books. Whatever for, you ask? We want you to share your extras with someone in your community. It could be your best friend, your mom, the church library, the nurse who touched your life, your book club…the list goes on and on! Keep a set of books for yourself and share the extra two sets with others. This is a way for you to love on those around you!

We’ll be collecting entries during the month of October and winners will be announced the first part of November.

Happy October, friends! Let’s make October Big-Love-Breast-Cancer-Awareness Month. Kara would have been all for that!

~ Your Mundane Faithfulness crew: Jill, Caitlin, & Blythe

(And a HUGE thank you to Jason Tippetts for helping to make this giveaway possible with a whopping donation of 18 books!)