Community Series Q&A: Is there purpose in times of no community? How can we take advantage of those times to learn and grow?

Having no community feels confusing and purposeless. Didn’t God command the church to live with one another in peace and love? Isn’t it His desire even more than mine to live in community?

It seems like something that we are taught is good and right should be at our fingertips; when it’s not, it’s hard to make sense of.

Yet, it is in those times of severe loneliness we experience the grace of God in ways we might not be able to when we are surrounded by loved ones. When our friends and family are stripped away, we have only Him to pray to and ask for help. I still sometimes wrestle with the Lord over the “why” of no community, but ultimately, it has brought me to a place where I can only trust Him. And that is the best place to be.

During these times of community drought, I encourage you to take up the Word of God and read, meditate, and pray. There is no other way to move forward. Having gone through this season myself the past few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing else can take the place of being immersed in Scripture; it is where we find hope to move forward each day and find the ultimate and perfect Companion.

Another way to take advantage of this time is to remember it—remember how you feel now and pray that you will not forget so that your compassion and love will overflow for others when you minister to those without community later. Use this time to observe those around you and to think about what kind of community you want to build later, dreaming of how someday you will engage and pursue others who are in their own community drought.

Have you experienced your own community drought? How did God draw you near to Him during that time? Look around—do you see others who are hungering and thirsting for community? How can you engage and pursue them?