And It Was Beautiful

A frequent question we get here at Mundane Faithfulness is where to find Kara’s old blog posts in their entirety. It’s a frustrating question for all of us because shortly over a year ago, the original Mundane Faithfulness crashed beyond repair and had to be built from the ground up. Meaning, Kara had to start from scratch. Thankfully, she had her own copies of her blog posts, which is what she gave me when she asked me to repost her blog, one article at a time, from the point of her diagnosis. These are the posts we label “Kara’s Collection.”

Well, in case you haven’t heard, Kara’s publisher, David C. Cook, has been working to compile certain writings of Kara’s (mostly from her blog) to tell her story of cancer and her long goodbye. The book is called And It Was Beautiful. As you can imagine, it’s full of grace and hope; if you can read through tears, it will bless you to engage her story and hear her voice again. We think this is the answer to your question about finding Kara’s old blog posts—here is her story, her wisdom, her heart put together in one beautiful book.

The book releases March 1, and you can find it at any major bookseller