Just Show Up

Friends, it is with great joy I announce that Kara and Jill’s book Just Show Up is available for pre-order. It will be released on October 1. I can’t say enough about this book. I laughed and sobbed my way through it, loving the combination of my friends’ hearts and experiences and counsel.

My parents died in a car accident years ago, and my sisters and I often said in response to others’ attempts to walk that journey with us, “If only there were a book to help encourage and instruct people in loving others through suffering.” Because we all have experienced the clumsiness and awkwardness of trying to reach out to someone who is hurting—not knowing what to do or say or even how to act around them.

But now this book exists! And I LOVE it. And I know you will, too. So hop on over to Just Show Up to order your copy today! I can’t wait to read this with you and hear your stories and your hearts.