Letter to my readers upon my death

I just wrote the simple title: Letter to my readers upon my death, and I'm undone. This is a letter I have written in my head for months, but putting the first words on paper is my undoing. I cannot begin to use this simple language to express the heart of what I feel for this community. There is so much love in this community I can barely take it all in at times. I have been prayed for, cried over, my story shared over and over. You all can't know the love I have felt from each of you.

It's impossible for me to not imagine coming to this place again to share my heart new with you. It seems impossible that this journey has finally come to an end. But I've done gone and flown away to the land of no more tears- won't you rejoice with me? My pain is gone, my fears are calmed, I'm in the sovereignly good hands of Jesus. He is my forever enough now. What bliss I'm sure I'm enjoying. It's hard for me to separate my feelings for that place and this.

If you have known my heart and met me here, would you commit my family to your prayers. Prayers of knowing the nearness and comfort of God. For the rest of their days, not simply the coming months. Would you commit them to the heart of your praying? I know it's a large ask- but God is big, and I believe you are capable of this kind of big prayer love for my family, my community. I believe God has beautiful things in store for my people, and I'm greatly comforted thinking of all of your prayers backing my loves.

I have prayed long and hard about what will come of Mundane Faithfulness- this simple place where grace is raised high and Jesus is exulted. Jason and I have decided to keep it going with the special care of two of my friends. My web designer, Jacob, and my Blythe are going to continue sharing these words of grace. They have all my archived writings and Blythe will be offering her original writings as well as guest posts from my friends. Jason is also planning on sharing- but he may need a little time. I know y'all will be gentle with him. His heart must be unbelievably broken just now. He will find his footing, and y'all must know- you are important to him. He reads your words as diligently as I do.

I don't know how to adequately express thanks to each of you. You have stumbled with me in this journey towards my last breath with such comfort and grace. I'm humbled to have been given such love and care from mostly strangers. It's astounding. Thank you.

If you would like to give a small contribution to our family (a trust for the kids)  instead of flowers (though I pray you would feel no obligation)- please do so here. The funds will be used for the children. Checks can be made payable to my guy: Jason Tippetts P.O. Box 49727 Colorado Springs, CO  80949 who will be the steward of the money. Contributions are not tax deductible. Please feel no obligation whatsoever. We are so richly loved and kept.

I love you dear reader. Our time together has been a highlight of my life. You have prayed me through so many difficult circumstances. So many days you were the grace that showed up. Our family has known such peace as a result of your faithful praying for our family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mobile devices seem to be having a problem with the slideshow. In order to allow them to view this page properly, I've moved the slideshow to its  own page .

Mobile devices seem to be having a problem with the slideshow. In order to allow them to view this page properly, I've moved the slideshow to its own page.