Encouragement from Mickey

A few days ago, Mickey wrote this in a message to a few of us gals as we wrote back and forth, struggling with the impossible task of saying goodbye to our Kara. I thought it would encourage your hearts, too, as we all process this awful but hope-filled goodbye.

I know how hard it is for your young hearts to understand what you are being asked to do. To love in friendship so deeply and then to hand her back to Jesus. To give her up when your journey has just begun. How does one do that? You have had her about as long as the disciples sat at Jesus' feet. How they must have felt their journey had just begun. How desperate they were at losing their closest friend!

But they learned, as you will learn, that He never asks us to do it alone. His Spirit of Grace, His face in your friends, His voice in your heart will comfort you. There will be tears. But there will never be a loss of hope or joy. I think this week you lovelies should prepare your hearts. The placing of you in this wonderful, sweet momma’s life is coming to bloom. You have no regrets for how you have loved her, you have no regrets for how you have served her. Each in a season of this time. Each with a special purpose.

She is a heart of peace right now. She grieves her loss of her loves, but Jesus' face will instantly heal that. Remember—she longs also to see in that moment how He will look at her. Oh, what a day that will be! She's leaving this party early, but for a grander, wondrous party.

Kara would want a dance party; she would want you to continue what she modeled of loving in kindness, to look for ways to continue what you have learned in her suffering—how to show up, how to love those hurting hearts around you. She always saw her story as a one small piece of God’s earthly kingdom. There are many, many more stories of hearts hurting that need friendship and encouragement and a pointing to Jesus.

Your story is not ending here; it is just beginning. Now go and continue to love with kindness, with thankfulness that you were given this gift. If sadness overcomes you, put on the dance music and dance!! I love you all so much. Some live a lifetime and never experience a day of friendship that you have been given.

Mickey, thank you for speaking love, truth, and comfort into our hearts. May we all strive to love big with kindness and encourage those hurting hearts around us.