Celebration ~ a giveaway

In celebration of the sun being so kind to us this weekend, I would like to give away two sets of copies of my book The Hardest Peace... I would like to give away several books to rejoice in the sun shining and feeling like being a part of it.

This weekend was for blissful napping, cutting with sharp scissors, eating at odd times and loving one another. I was able to turn a corner this weekend and feel like I was in the land of the living. It’s hard to believe last weekend we were in the hospital trying to get a handle on my symptoms, and now we are sun kissed and full of laughter - long forgetting the pukey moments of last weekend. 

I want to hear from you how The Hardest Peace has met and encouraged your life. I would love to hear who you would like to share a copy of my book with, and why you think it could be an encouragement. It would delight me to send you two copies of my book, one for you and one to give away. It would be my delight to send out two sets of books. Please share how this book has encouraged your walk with God, your heart, your living and your big love in your going. I pray this weekend your love was able to abound more and more in love. What is it about sunshine that makes love feel so swell. It was a hint of spring and I couldn’t get enough. 

How was this weekend for you? Were you able to enjoy goodness and abound in love? Enter to win a book today. I can’t wait to share my story of grace with you today in giving away The Hardest Peace.