Corner Nook

I spend most of my day in a sweet little corner in my bedroom. I organize and reorganize this small space to my daily likings and needs. It’s my corner of intention. On the shelf beside my bed you will find my Bible, different journals, and books I’m currently reading. 

In this space, I have set up a mini art journaling box. Just last week I started to write the kids birthday cards. I had hesitated to write these cards, but I decided two nights ago to plunge in and simply see how far I can get. My heart is for the kids to hear a simple love from me on their day. So these are not long letters, just simple messages of love. 

This nook also has my all important medications. The balancing of these medicines is what makes everything else possible. It’s such a dance. 

But this place of intention is not new to me. Before I was ill, Jason and I had special chairs we pushed together to read scripture and pray together. Having that special nook creates charm and warmth and a desire to land someplace beautiful to take in the beauty of Jesus. 

Do you have a special place you like to work? I have to constantly tinker through my space. I use it, so it can get easily muddled and I have to intention to keep it tidy. I want it to be a place I want to come all throughout the day. It takes just a smidge of time to keep it tidy, but it’s worth it.

Typically my journalling Bible is in my bed with me. I enjoy this new format very much. I like the space right in the Bible to write my thoughts. I have especially liked it as Carl and I have read through Psalm 119 together. I can take notes and listen along as we read through the beautiful Psalm slowly.