I woke this morning beside my love. The background was echoes with the beating rhythm of the ocean meeting the shore. My love went for coffee and we sit silently together reading of abiding love. Love that remains.

Jason and I often wonder over our union with Christ. The connection that joins us in this life and carries us to the next. The remaining in, abiding faith that keeps our love. From here to there in the beautiful mystery of faith. The anguish we experience here will be extinguished in the bright light and beauty of there. 

But there is a pruning that must take place to bear fruit. A terrible breaking of the body to carry us to the beautiful abiding love that lasts for all eternity. The pruning is the cutting off of what is dead to make room for life, love, and truth. I know myself, there is plenty that needs to be pruned. Though painful, it must happen to bring me near to God.

We ask the impossible questions- how will life continue apart? The imagination for the future we didn't expect. The answers don't come, but the tears are a comfort. Tears are the essence of the love that has been shared, enjoyed, embraced. Tears remind us that we mattered, we existed, and our story of love will go on and on beyond both of our days. 

And as we ready for bed I ask, "is there anything left unsaid?" His simple answer is no. Our life has said it all and we want it to keep speaking. The comfortable cadence of our voices meeting one another all throughout our day. I tell him it won't be any time before we are reunited, but for the mortal it feels impossible to understand the close distance of eternity.