If I tried...

With all that remains, I couldn't love you enough to show you what you mean to me. You have given me the life I couldn't dream for myself. You have brought me joy, laughter through the tears, sunshine in the storm. You bring me hope when I am hopeless, and you walk faithfully- ever so faithfully beside me pointing me to Jesus when I forget to look for him.

If I could give you all the retro VW buses, snow days, fires, messy candles, and joy filled wrestling moments it wouldn't be enough. You have made my life more than I could ever imagine. You love me so well.

So how about this. Let's fly away together- just us. Let's run away together, rent a convertible and stick our feet in the sand. Let's eat at odd hours, read books, remember the goodness we have known together. Let's cry for the pain in our departing and thank Jesus for what has been given, what love will remain. Let's remember and grow quieted by the love we have been blessed with together. Let's run away and remember. 


Happy birthday Jason. You have made us the best of who we are. I'm indebted to you a good life. The life I barely hoped to dream of for myself. My heart is full, there is no room for bitterness because of the love I know. Sure I long for more days- who wouldn't, but I'm thankful for what is, what has been and what will be. I know you will continue to make your life beautiful. Jesus will help, as will our little people. They will keep you going. They will remind you of the goodness of us. 

I love you today, tomorrow, and forever dear heart. Now, let's find you a 1970 VW bus to tinker with to celebrate the birth of you.