Just Show Up Launch Video

Kara loved a good party; scratch that—Kara loved a party, period. And if the party was mediocre, her presence would change it from a meh party to a hooray! party. It’s not that she was the life of the party; she simply brought life to the party. She engaged everyone, she opened her arms wide to include others in conversation, she matched personalities up for instant connections. She built community wherever she went, and parties were a favorite venue for this.

When the book she co-authored with Jill, Just Show Up, came out last month, David C. Cook hosted an intimate get-together for us gals. We gathered: we talked, we ate, we drank. And then Jill read from her book and we cried. We prayed together and cried. We shared Kara stories and laughed. And cried some more. And then some of us who still had the energy to do it, went into a special room to share memories into a camera. This video is the result. We hope you are encouraged and blessed.