Stripped Bald

I thought I would take a minute to read to ya’ll. I hope it isn’t upsetting seeing me so skinny. I thought it would be good for you to see me. The me that now looks me in the mirror. 

So I simply read a bit of my book- The Hardest Peace. You all have been such a champion of my book. You have shared my story, read my book, and sent countless prayers into the world unending into eternity on our behalf. We are grateful. 

I also put a little plug in for my dear friend's new book Falling for Texas by Jill Lynn. Please take a look. It’s from the book line Love Inspired- which is the Christian Romance fiction line of Harlequin. If you enjoy a love story that leaves you hopeful for love, and thankful to be reminded of all the quirky little moments that made your own love story special. Jill writes with the wit and charm that she lives her life with that I know. It’s a sweet story you won’t mind spending your time reading. 

You know, as authors I’m learning so much. So much. You spend weeks, days, months, hours pouring out your heart in writing. You write and rewrite section after section. You pray you have captured the heart of what you meant to say well. Then at some point you have to begin to open your hands to the story you have spent so much of your life on writing. You have to trust Jesus with the ink on the paper, and be ready to repent where your words faltered. It’s a painful business, but it is so exciting. Then you watch different places that sell your book to see if anyone cares. You read reviews to listen and wonder if your heart was correctly heard. You want your publisher not to regret taking a bet on you. You want to be able to leave something. For me, that I had 10 books to hand to my family feels like something important.

But God has used this book. He has used it in the lives of children that lost their mamas young- they write and say, that’s the love story to me my mama would have written. It has been read by the widow that never felt the liberty to move on in their own life. I have heard from the mama at home- slowly realizing the treasure of each moment big and small. I have been blessed by you readers. You have been generous in sharing your hearts with me. To an author, I’m not sure much else matters. My heart has connected with yours, I have been able to raise high the Gospel-and tell the greatest story ever told. I have left a legacy to my family of our story, and also, the sale of my book will benefit my family after I’m gone. I never expected such a gift. David C Cook was very good to take a risk on me as a freshman author, and I’m so incredibly thankful.

So support your favorite authors out there. It matters! Love them by buying their books and inviting others to do the same. Love your authors by heading over to Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble and posting your review. Those reviews matter. Jill and I get giddy when we talk about writing. Sometimes we are tied in knots with anxiety, fear, and self-loathing. But mostly, we feel honored that we get to write our stories. Thank you for partnering with us in this.