Kara’s Collection: I’m No Hero

from an article originally posted November 24, 2014…

I have this story, I have this one story to live and to share. It’s my great privilege to share the grace I know. It is my honor to share who Jesus is with anyone who will listen. But I’m no hero. I’m simply one fighting to live well in the midst of pain—and oh, my goodness, I can blow it so big.

Yesterday was a day full of joy, heart sharing, grace, and love. I shared my story at Grace Church and I heard the stories of so many broken hearts. I felt so privileged to hear from everyone, to capture stories, and to see old friends. It was such a privilege to be in the place my story of faith was born.

Then the event ended and I hadn’t realized how tired I was. Adrenaline is amazing and hard. It will keep you going and when it’s done with you it will throw you down hard on the ground. I looked at my kind sister and told her I couldn’t speak. I jumped in the car and asked for silence and FOOD—GET ME FOOD QUICKLY. I announced that I had the grumpy hungries and I needed everyone to be gentle with me...I’m just like you, fighting to see grace, live gently, walk in integrity. It’s a daily battle to look for Jesus and live in His grace. And when I fail, when I fall short, when I blow it...there’s sweet repentance and admitting fault. Yesterday, my wearied grumpy heart got to repent harsh words and be restored in forgiveness. Oh, the bliss of forgiveness.

You see, I’m no hero. I’m just one broken woman looking for grace. I’m one needy heart in need of forgiveness. I’m simply me. And that me—that me—can be harsh, tired, short, and wearied by small things.

But this story, this one story, is mine to share. And if I somehow create a dependence on me, I have failed you in the telling of my story. My story is linked to the bigger, greater, awesome story found in Jesus. His love has made me beautiful. His love sees me through the grumpy. His life redeemed me in a way another cannot.

I’m no hero; I’m simply one broken woman trying to shine light in dark corners and search for goodness and grace. I get to share my faith and my failures. I get to proclaim that the broken story could be a beautiful story. All this competing and winning we fight for in life is not the goal. It will never bring peace, real peace. That is found in the empty tomb. Jesus is the overcoming king that is the answer to our hearts longings. It’s not me. Look today at Jesus. How is the answer of his life death and resurrection the only answer to the problem of your pain?

How do you see your need for Jesus today?