Kara’s Collection: Future love—the art of cherishing life

from an article originally posted October 23, 2014…

Since the birth of my first daughter, I have written my journals in light of them one day being read. They are simply a family history. The small, silly moments captured, the hard journey in life we have traveled. The honest assessment of each day. So I have journal after journal capturing the essence of our life. One day soon I will reread them to remember those exhausted, amazing days of life with my littles. It was important writing, because in the midst of sleep deprivation, it’s hard to remember. I look forward to revisiting those most precious years I captured in my journals. One day my children may want to read that journey. Maybe not, but it will be there for them. I was always careful to journal with freedom. Some weeks I would write and write, some months the entire month would pass before I would write. But I gave myself freedom.

I started to wonder what I wanted to leave behind for my children on their important days to come where I may not be present. I have been challenged to write letters for each big event. But there was part of me that thought those moments could be hard if my kids were asked at each exciting moment to read a letter from me that made them sad. I may still write those letters, but I have taken a fun and new path. Since I have many who follow this blog now that are also seeing the endless of the horizon of days vanish, I thought I would share what I’m doing. I have started to interview my children in a causal setting: my bed. I sit with my children and ask them simple questions about their future. It’s delightful. And more than that, it’s simple to do with my computer. More than that, you don’t have to have a story like mine to capture such living. It’s amazing.

So pick a moment in life you desire to ask your children questions about. I have started with their weddings. It has been such fun. Keep it light hearted. Delight in your children and their answers. For instance, Ella said she wanted a petting zoo at her wedding. I sat beside her and told her it was a great idea. I know when the day comes, she will likely not want a petting zoo at her wedding, but how fun will it be to hear from her 13-year-old self with a mama beside her saying, Go for it. And when the actual day comes, I pray she will hear my heart asking her to go for it. To enjoy her day. To delight in the day and not get bogged down in the details. To capture the love of the day and to move into her marriage with joy.

Would you consider making a video for your loves to watch in the future? Do you journal for your family to one day read your heart? How do you plan for future moments for your family? How do you want your love to be left to those who live beyond you?