Kara’s Collection: Each Moment Matters

from an article originally posted September 24, 2014…

Today my oldest was on fall break, and we ran all over town trying to tighten up all the loose ends before chemo has me down for the count. We stopped by the office of my publisher David C Cook, and their foyer is breathtaking. She stood right in front of me our eyes meeting. Her height has been shocking to me lately. She’s about to be taller than me. She’s a beauty. Beautiful in the way love has made her beautiful.

She hugged me as we stood waiting. Hugged me without embarrassment that she was loving her mama in front of strangers. I looked at her squarely and asked her if she could feel my love. She answered in the affirmative. I told her that my love would always be with her, even in the places I may not be with her. That the Bible says, Love never ends. And this love, this amazing love I feel towards my people, towards you, in this breath, it will not end. It’s bathed in the love Jesus has for me. His overflowing love that extends itself through my broken body will last forever. And ever.

Then our friends at David C Cook that have loved us so well came and spoke to us about the book. We all stood awed by what God is doing through our brokenness. We are all humbled. Then my dear publicist, Lisa Beech, asked if we could pray together. As she started to pray, my daughter grabbed my hand. As Lisa was praying, my dear Ella tapped once, then she tapped four times on my hand, and after a pause tapped my hand three times. Our secret code for I love you (1.4.3). So much goodness and grace. So much. It’s beautiful really.

These moments, these little moments, quietly loving another matter. No one is watching, no one needs to. Teach your loves the 1-4-3 tap. And in a quiet, sacred moment, tap your heart to the one beside you. Love matters. It never ends. A lot of what I have given my life to will end at my last breath, but love, it won’t. Nor will my prayers. My guy has set up the hammock for me. I plan to go pray, quiet whispering prayers into the future of my loves. It matters. I love you today dear hearts. Move, move, move in love tonight. Extending love is something you will never regret. Never.