Kara’s Collection: Blessed Today

from an article originally posted September 9, 2014…

The news today wasn’t great. It was devastating, but we are not without options. I will give details when we are ready. But today, we have today. So I walk into it seeking goodness.... And guess what? It’s there. Today, I could move. I could spend my energy cooking for my loves, my friends, my people. I could cry a big ugly cry, and my deepest grief was heard. I could cry out my brokenness, and I could cook.

Then I was gifted with the opportunity to capture my children. I frankly told them my news. It’s going to be hard, but we know hard. Then we played our music impossibly loud and danced. Boys to Men Motownphilly came on and we laughed and danced. We belted out the words and enjoyed a moment.

Now we are home, the loud music has come inside, the lasagna is bubbling and my ladies are coming over to be there as I meet bald again. We will sing gratitude for Harper turning 10 tomorrow. We will eat, laugh, cry, and toast to today. It’s here. Cancer will not rob me of this moment. I get today.

Don’t think it has been all dancing. No there was a small fit, f-bombing, and sad phone calls and texts. There was despair. But when I pick up my faces, my blessed faces, well…I have this moment with them. So it’s time to dance an impossible dance. We don’t know the steps, but we will eventually gain the footing of this new hard.

Will you join me in a dance tonight? Will you toast today, and see the gift that it is? Dance with your lady or man slow, snuggle your babies, meet them softly. Today matters. Something impossibly joyful. Let’s dance friends. Dance while stirring dinner, dance while working out the Math homework, and remember that Jesus is not unaware of our pain.