Kara’s Collection: For the love of life and crooked smiles

from an article originally posted July 28, 2014...

I am a lover a poetry, especially the poet types that put their poetry to song. In college at Indiana University, when I was idealistic and young-faced, a friend introduced me to the crooked-smiled lover of poetry who happened to sing—Lyle Lovett.

I have been a fan ever since. Though I’m no fan of country music, I am a deep fan of poetry. Some might call Lyle a country singer. I simply call him a gentleman with an enormous heart. I have always wanted to see him with his big band, crooked smile, and songs that speak of tenderness and chubby babies.

Tonight, next to my greatest love, this dream is coming true. We will sit in the greatest music venue that ever was, Red Rocks, and we will eat something simple and delicious, and we will listen to the poetry that has accompanied our life.

I wrote about not living with a bucket list, but simply living. If I were to have a bucket list, which I don’t, tonight would be a blessed checking of the box I have always dreamed of experiencing. If you asked me to name a favorite song of his, I simply could not. I will attempt to find a favorite to share with y’all. Oh, I double dare you to listen to him on Spotify or Pandora—you will not regret it. Tonight was my anniversary gift; he knows my heart well. We will listen and enjoy the beauty of the voice of the man with the crooked smile.

What singer speaks to your heart? Which singer brings you to tears? Who reminds you to live well?