Kara’s Collection: Grace Today

From an article originally posted April 1, 2014…

Dear Grace in Today,

Today I woke too early in pain and struggled to find the joy in the pain that woke me, that often wakes me. Cramps and now new sores that cover my mouth woke my sleeping, and maybe a kick in the back from the littlest that came into my bed last night. Then a quiet call came from down the hall and I knew this day was going to not be what I expected. I had planned a home teaming with families: 45 people big and small to be exact. Today we were welcoming a new pastor to our Westside family and meeting over a simple lunch with all of our leaders. But that quiet, small voice let me know You were directing my day differently.

Today I will not hear my husband preach and share love through words. Today I won’t greet new faces or host a large lunch. Today I won’t be working to tame my bed head and find a clean outfit to wear to church. Today I won’t be rushing to tidy the house to have it happily made a mess.

No, the grace today is that I get to hand my daughter a bowl to vomit in. I will gently hold back her hair and bring her water and a wash cloth. I will charge the iPad for her to watch movies, and I will sit beside her and talk. Today I will run this sweet girl a bath and wash her hair and bring her fresh new clothes and change her sheets. I will attempt to tempt her with a little food.

I get to be a mama today.

Today, this morning, I was there at your side, little one. I was your mommy in a way I picture the very best mommies to be. I was given the grace to wake enough and move past my own pains to love you, and it felt like such a grace. I hate that you’re sick little one, but I love that I get to be your mama in that moment. There will be sick days where your daddy will have to do the heavy lifting of caring for you little ones, but today it was me. Grace.

You are enjoying a cartoon and I just snuck away to write and look at Anthropology to enjoy the look of their summer dresses. Their price feels too high, but last week I wore my Anthro dress and even slept in it; so somehow that helps me justify its expense. So I browse the new flowy dresses and then check on you, love you, and feel so thankful that you are mine. Daddy is off telling the masses about the love of Jesus, but I get to be the hand of Jesus right next to you this morning. Grace.

So my warm cup of coffee, my puny girl, and laundry are the grace that meet me this day. I have a book to write, a book to read, and amazing music I can’t get enough of by Ellie Holcomb. I’m so richly blessed. Today is a great good day and I’m living in it. Grace- so much grace. I can’t wait to read how grace has met you in your day.