Kara’s Collection: Dear Spring Break

From an article originally posted March 24, 2014…

Dear Spring Break,

My letter is a simple letter at grabbing life today, while it’s still here. It is a simple letter of grace. A friend sent a dream—a thought—could we run away for a few days and play in the snow and ski? I remember getting the text and feeling too full of our story, too loaded by fear, too weighted down by our story.

But, an inkling, the thought we needed to run away. The thought we needed to play, and joy in togetherness and find joy.

I returned the text with an affirmative. We were in, we wanted to find grace in the chapped cheeks, the stories of wipeouts, the hot chocolate, and the endless finding gloves, wool socks, hats, snacks. It was worth the work. It was grace to feel alive. I ate it hard snowboarding today and I laid out on the ground laughing—I am here, and I am alive. My muscles are sore, I’m tired, and the packing of all of our gear feels like a monumental task. But a worthy task.

When an opportunity at life, at love, at building memories beside my people I’m going to jump at it. A moment to live next to dear friends who love our family so big—it’s go time. Life meeting the sun and snow, and bruises—bring it!

I didn’t ski any large runs or face any giants. I went down a small rolling run and watched my kids grow in confidence skiing. It was a gift.

Has an opportunity at life come and you have made excuses to pass on living fully? Too tired, too busy, too stressed? What keeps you from seeking the joy on today and meeting the grace provided to do hard things today?

Dear spring break! I love you. You are the grace today, the beautiful grace today!

One Too Often Reluctant Mama