Kara’s Collection: Unrolling the Goods

From an article originally posted February 10, 2014…

I am so excited to share with you the title of my October releasing book. We are still working on the cover, the subtitle, and endless amounts of exciting details, but the title is set. Without further ado: The Hardest Peace is going to be the book that will bear my name with the content holding my heart, my story, my journey, and the invitation to join me, look at your own story.

John Blase, my editor, was sitting with his lovely wife one evening discussing my story. His wife turned to him and said, The hardest piece for me is her young children. My endlessly creative editor and author friend John heard his wife and started to consider a title. It is the hardest piece for me as well, but ultimately it’s the journey toward peace in my journey that is the heart of my writing. I write of the journey toward naming grace and walking near to Jesus and knowing His peace.

When he presented the title to me, I knew that was it. The entire meeting knew that was the title. From the moment he said it, told me the story, we just knew. It has never been debated, and never questioned. I love it. I love the journey toward peace, even in the hard—all hard.

I look forward to making this journey available to you all. I look forward to inviting you all to journey with me toward peace no matter your hard. We all have hard, pain, crushing heartbreak. I’m not using my book as an attempt to one-up everyone with the hardest story. I’m inviting us all to look honestly at our hard, and invite Jesus us to join us in the journey. God gently uses the hard to refine, redeem, restore and love me so well.

The Hardest Peace—it’s the journey toward joy, grace, peace, love in the midst of the mundane, overwhelming, under-whelming, struggles of daily living. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Today, this day, how are you struggling for peace? How are you resisting love, real love? How and where can you begin to share your heart with a community that will point to you peace, real peace?