Kara’s Collection: The Book

From an article originally posted January 23, 2014…

I announced awhile back that I have signed a contract to write a book. That means I have jumped on a new, unbelievable learning curve. I have so many things to learn and this process is amazing, humbling, and so overwhelming all at once.

I’m really enjoying the longer writing process. I have been meeting in this place for so long, this longer book is growing a new muscle in me. I have loved the process of wrestling through my own struggles and voice to come up with something worth sharing. I will be honest, I have moments of utter insecurity and weakness, wondering why anyone would want to share in my story.

The heart of my book is the importance of our story. The value of looking at all areas of your life and seeking grace. The heart of my story is the presence of grace in the midst of hard, all hard. That translates to us all. I don’t have the corner on hard because I have gone through something like cancer. The learning came before cancer. The learning to seek and see grace in all seasons is important for us all. When the crushing hard comes, you will have learned the muscle of looking for grace in all areas of hard big and small. No, I would say the strength I have learned is my weakness. I’m not trying to be the best at walking through hard.

At the very heart of the story, is that we all, each and every one of us, face hard. Hard big and small. I will tell you the hard of a teething baby is unbelievably hard. You’re tired, your hard- in life, relationships, and living, all matter.

The desire of this book is to allow us to all take an honest look at our stories, and look for the redemption, the grace, and certainly Jesus. I long to see the redemption of our stories. I hope that a bright light will shine on the dark places we hide, and we will seek grace in our journey.

I’m learning so much in this process. I have an amazing editor. My editor is encouraging, organized, and gentle in directing my wildly right-brained writing. I come to moments where I feel like there is a cliff I’m about to plunge over, and my editor understands the precipice of anxiety in writing. He also knows how to help me off that cliff. To look beyond myself, and look for the redemption showing up that is far beyond me.

I love you all for joining me on this journey. I appreciate your prayers for me in this process. I’m learning and growing new muscles. I’m used to the short format that can be read over a morning coffee or honestly, as you potty. This longer project is really good for my heart. I cannot wait to share my story with you all.

I will soon have a working title to share, then comes the cover. It’s all so exciting for this book lover. I cannot fathom that one day my name will be on a cover of an actual cover! GULP! I’m so excited. Thank you for sharing my blog posts, asking friends to join us on this discovery of grace, and living honestly.