Kara’s Collection: Words! Word! Words! And my news about more words!

From an article originally posted December 23, 2013…

What a fantastic weekend! Fire, kids, food, the zoo, dance party, and friends. We have truly celebrated and celebrated our great news. We have worn the kids out, danced their feet off, and truly given thanks for our good news. When we first heard, Ella had a half day and the others had a whole day. We ran up on Ella and rejoiced in the news of no new cancer in my brain. I could immediately see relief on her face. I know she was anxious about my brain. We all were. We went to lunch to celebrate! Food, I remember everything with food.

I was driving down the street the next day. I couldn’t believe how light I felt. Seriously, colors seemed brighter, songs sounded more joyful, and my heart was light. I slowly have seen stress lifting from my guy and I. Yesterday we even went to the zoo in the evening. We just didn’t have energy for stuff like this before.

Okay friends. I promised you an announcement today! Are you ready? Because of you. Because you share my story, encourage this place, meet here frequently, because you long to live honestly in the midst of your hard. You dear reader, you have helped a huge dream of mine to come true. In this specific case, this dear friend shared my story.

This friend shared my story and a woman in publishing started to follow. After weeks of meetings with this amazing team!!!!!!

I have signed a contract to write my first book! I can hardly believe it! Christmas came early this year. Clear PET scan, no new brain cancer, and a book.... I can hardly take it all in! You know when high school kids sign to go to a certain college. This feels like my picture like that. I don’t play basketball, I write with words.

You all made this happen! I’m so thankful for each of you! So thankful! Now I’m going to be so bold as to ask you to pray. A long project is new for me. I want to be faithful with my writing. I long to glorify God with my words. I’m so thankful for the team at David C Cook! They are a fantastic team, I’m so humbled to be working with them on this book!