Kara’s Collection: Jen Lints Photography Love

From an article originally posted November 29, 2013…

I can’t write enough, sing the praises of my friend Jen Lints enough. When we were going through the Waldo Canyon fire over a year ago, we were given a window into what matters. The moment you only have a few trunk spaces in a car to carry away what matters, you realize what is important. First, the people, then the memories of the people in your life. We filled our car with our sweet family, then we packed in pictures and journals. In light of the blazing fire, nothing else was important.

Since this was the first time we had all been together, we hired the lovely Jen Lints to capture our people all together. She’s a gift of kindness and beauty. I know everyone gets a Christmas picture, but believe me, her gift is one to be treasured year round.

NOTE TO MEN: it would be a lovely gift to give your wife to plan several photo shoots through the year. I highly suggest Jen, but any reputable photographer, you will be loved for this thoughtful gift! Trust me here! Your lady will love your family well documented through the year. You can write a lovely note, wrap it up and make your family very happy. These moments, they keep passing, keep going, keep moving. I’m so thankful for capturing them. I treasure each and every second spent in love. I feel Jen has a gift of capturing what my words cannot.

Jen Lints, I love you for you! I love you for your beautiful gift. I love you for the big love that you give. Laughter with you is one of the greatest treasures of my heart!