Kara’s Collection: Embracing Warmth

From an article originally posted November 21, 2013…

They wake slowly
Feet greeting good morning
He slides close and embraces her warmth
Under the downy weight of their nest
They find rest and comfort and never wish to vacate their bliss or face their reality
Let the littles pack their lunch, pick their clothes, wipe the sleep from their own eyes
They will hide in the first moment of daylight enfolded in the warmth
It’s fitting on the first day of snow, they hide and forget
The unspoken words known
Warmth is here today, but not promised for tomorrow
He fears the lonely bed
She hurts for his fears she can’t calm.

A visitor came, full of mama love
A decade removed from her, years of living states apart
And immediately she is beside her loving, touching, giving warmth
Seasoned Mama love fearless in the face of suffering
Present, warm, caring, healing mama love
Her warm soup simmers on the stove
Sweet relief for a house full of sick ones
Her warmth is about to leave
She pauses to pray
Caressing her head she prays for her brain, for the cancer to leave Her tender mama touch heals her.

The young mama remembers the sweet love the mama brought through caress
As she walks up to check on her own puny babies, 
She leans down and caresses their heads, rubs their sore necks and whispers her prayers
Let them be healed, let them feel loved
Let the warmth in her hands continue a little while longer
She learned today from warmth, she learned it isn’t hers to keep.