Kara’s Collection: A Letter to Mamas

From an article originally posted November 19, 2013…

You there in your yoga pants and messy hair—yes, you. You are amazing! What you are doing today matters. You have no cheering section, no awards, but what you are doing is making a difference. The time you take at night with your croupy baby, your slow reader, your angry, stubborn child is affecting this world more than you can ever imagine.

I know the loop in your mind is telling you to mop the floor, read more books, do more crafts, cook more healthy, but will you add this to your self-deprecation: YOU MATTER! The time you spent today slowing down and sitting at your dinner table really hearing the hearts of your children really matters today. Spending time in a long hug, forehead kisses, pushing that swing one more time really does matter.

It is your love that makes you beautiful; don’t worry if you aren’t perfectly kept. You are beautiful in the eyes of your babies when you are gently and affectionately loving them. Do you know you are loved? Do you know Jesus is crazy about you? Do you know how much I admire you? You will never regret a moment spent in gentleness, even in the midst of discipline. You can do it, and though I’m not there to cheer you on, I am your biggest fan.

Being a mama is hard work, impossible work. Work that keeps us dependent on Jesus for His incarnate love to show up. Lean into that love; you don’t have to do it alone. He loves you. He loves when you humbly admit to your babies you’ve blown it. That isn’t a fail, repentance before our children is a HUGE win.

I think you are beautiful. I know you have love you can’t even imagine available to you today, spend it all. Go to bed tired from loving so big! Your sleep will be sweet. Thank you, thank you for not despairing this next generation but spending your energy believing the very best about your little people. Thank you for nurturing their hearts—your shepherding really matters. I know you are tired and they are often thankless, but what you are doing matters.

To the mamas that spend your mama love on my kids at school and in our life, I’m indebted to you my whole heart. I see you expecting hugs from my kids. I see you making the effort to love my little people specifically. I know distance from our hard story would be easier, but you push past that and love my kids big. I have a peace seeing the love that will be here past me. It lessens my fear, it brings me peace. You won’t replace me, but you will possibly be asked to be my hugs and kisses and patience one day. It matters, your love matters. I think you are the most beautiful mama in the world.

I love you!