Kara’s Collection: Two More Days—Guest Post by Jonna McMahon

From an article originally posted October 25, 2013…

July 14, 1976, I became a big sister. My very first memory of my sister, Kara Lynne Thewlies, was her arriving home from the hospital. Kara and I grew up as very typical sisters. Being older, I was required to entertain my younger sister. I could be mean and my sister could be a pain. I always had a built in playmate.

Boy did we play! We played a lot of pretend: Barbies, office, school, and house. I will admit I always took the better roles. I was the prettiest Barbie, Kara’s Barbie’s hair was always tangled. I was the secretary, Kara was the boss, who really did not have anything to do other than sit at the desk. I was the teacher, Kara was the student. I was the mommy and yes, as Kara likes to tell, she was the dog. Kara was always happy to play with me.

Kara never really complained she played the role of younger sister well. My sister was a tomboy and I was all girl. She preferred a baseball hat and I wanted my dresses to touch the floor. Her nails were often dirty from playing in the mud, mine nails were usually painted. We shared a room for a while. The lights would be turn out but the chatter went on for hours. We laughed, we giggled, we cried, we fought, we were sisters.

Kara and I have always shared a special bond. We complement each other. Kara is outgoing, loving, smart, low maintenance. I am quiet, compassionate, eager to please, and high maintenance. We grew up together. We know each other better than anyone. Kara and I have built a lifetime of memories together. Our greatest joy, to the heaviest sorrow.

The day my sister told me she had breast cancer, my world was turned upside down. I was by her side through the battle. The haircut, the head shave, the chemo treatments, the mastectomy, the radiation. My heart broke every battle she had to face. Every battle she faced she would say, I am so sorry Jonna. It was a tough year. Through that tough year, I have so many precious memories being with my sister. Hard but wonderful memories. Arriving to Colorado Springs just in time to watch gentle hands shave my sisters head. Looking at her for the first time with stubble and seeing these beautiful piercing green eyes looking back at me for approval. She looked stunning. Rubbing her feet, and she knows how much I do NOT like feet. Caring for her children. Making her giggle when we should be in tears. These are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Kara is all about making memories. Her story line has changed. We are not sure where The Lord is taking this novel. We are hoping for an unbelievable plot twist but until that comes we need to focus on making memories.

Kara is all about gathering people. I call her the creamy filling between the hard cookies. She makes everything fit and everyone comfortable. When you are with my sister she makes you feel as though you are the only one in the room. She loves BIG. All that meet her feel her love. Kara has been in Colorado Springs for just a short while. She has gathered her people. She and Jason have built a community. They have some of the finest people to be part of their lives. Loving, giving, serving, caring, people who have helped my sister and her beautiful family when they needed it most.