Kara’s Collection: Dearest Jason

From an article originally posted September 30, 2013…

Dearest Jason,

I’m writing this before surgery, but I want to thank you in advance for loving me so well through this trial. When I say you are an excellent man, I am not saying that flippantly. With great admiration, I am witness to the limitless of your love. Most men would crumble, but, with Christ, you continue. You are a gift to my weary heart.

My heart hurts that you will be sitting without me when you hear the news of what is happening inside me. I want to be the one to comfort you, remind you of God’s goodness and plan for us in the midst of this trial. I don’t know where the strength will come from to get through another battle in my finite mind. We trust an infinite God who has not been taken off guard by our new hard.

I have never for one moment deserved the love you have lavished on me. You point me to the unconditional love of Jesus every day. You love big, you love well, you love with intention. I cannot believe every night I get to have a sleepover with my best friend. Every night!

Let’s love Jesus and hold nothing back. Not even our very next moments. Everything. Fearful, scary, everything. Jesus give us the grace to see what is next. Give our community the words to remind us of your goodness. Oh, help us.

I love you, dearest Jason. I’m so glad you picked me from all the women in the world!

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.
— Proverbs 31

I so long to be her!