Kara’s Collection: Laundry Love Unfolded

From an article originally posted August 30, 2013…

I’m not sure I know many people who love doing laundry; I certainly don’t. I was given the task of my own laundry at a rather young age, which meant that I mostly wore dirty clothes. As I entered domestic life, I knew this was an area I wanted to love my family. I will not mind if I have to teach my children to do laundry as they leave for college. I feel this is an area I’m happy to love them. Not simple love, but love that pushes through a task I don’t really love. Shoot, I can snuggle-love all day, but laundry love, that costs.

That said, I don’t do laundry love alone. Jason is my partner in laundry love. I wash, dry, sort, and fold. Every evening Jason assists the kids in putting away. I long to be strong in this area, but I’m simply the WORST at putting away.

Last night I heard something from my husband. I heard an area of love I can bless him with in our home. Every person has an area of peace connected to a tidy spot. I love the main floor tidy and ready for guests. Last night I watched Jason grab the vacuum and clean our bedroom. In the morning he said, I slept better knowing our floor was clean. What? How did I not know this about him? But I love my man, so I listened, I took it to heart, and I have prayed this morning God would help me love Jason in this way. Again, this is not an area that makes me feel one way or another, but I want to move toward my guy in this simple way. It may be a simple task, but creating a habit in this area will be life altering from my routine.

Cooking is my language of love. Jason appreciates a great meal, he applauds new recipes, he heartily eats my love, but loving my guy means a vacuum and clean sheets. Loving Jason means dialing it back a bit on my people, people, people, and choosing joy in the midst of keeping my house. I went downstairs to find a book and saw the basement was messy. Part of me wanted to say Ugh, yuck! and throw in the towel. But I said out loud to myself and my little dog, This will only take me a minute. To move from cynical to able—that is my challenge.

So I leave you today with a question: What does sacrificial love look like to you today? I know a tidy basement, clean sheets, and a vacuumed floor may seem silly to you, but I know one hunky man that it isn’t silly to. Headed to do some laundry love, a little vacuum love, pick up the toys love, and the treat at the end of these tasks—a happy husband. It’s a win, win, win!