Kara’s Collection: Projects, purge, and a slow mind

From an article originally posted July 31, 2013…

Yesterday started with such promise and might have sputtered along in a few hormonal outbursts. But I will say, the day ended well. Before Jason headed off to work, he hung up the clothesline he had gotten me. With a little one trying bedtime without a pull-up, I needed the line to save our electric bill. It was up in all its glory. I was tickled.

Then it fell, clothes, blankets and all.

I was bummed, beyond bummed. I may have even tried to lift it filled with wet blankets. That was comical. But I persevered to project number two. The Garage Purge. Since this is the place EVERYTHING purged to, it was no small task. I grabbed my speaker and headed out. But my speaker died. Spit horrible sounds at me, not beautiful, motivating house cleaning music, but ugly, hateful I-don’t-work sounds at me. I know these two things are small. They are. But I wanted to sit on the stoop and cry. I called Jason and pouted. Then I texted him and apologized for complaining (a cowards repentance: texting). I grabbed the nearest, loudest boombox, and started to purge the garage. Johnny Cash certainly helped. Purge sounds bad, it kind of sounds like an organizers eating disorder. I’ll think on it. I need a new term.

I sold a loft bed, I even painted this cute twin bed to sell. I listed it this morning, but if any of you are looking for a sweet bed for a girls room let me know. My garage is getting cleaned out! It feels so good. Jason and I are about to start a large building project out here and need the space. More on that later!

I ended the night with my book club at a lovely wine bar. It was a lovely night and the group was small and intimate. I truly enjoyed it. The book wasn’t a big hit, so we enjoyed a night of adult conversation. It was lovely. I will give a hint on the level my mind wasn’t working yesterday. One look at the wine bar list and I was daunted. Then I noticed three beer choices. Sigh. That was more my speed. Though a lovely glass of wine sounded nice, I COULD NOT decide. So I enjoyed a lovely local beer. I was a happy girl. I wish I had gotten a picture of us, sadly I forgot.

Today, more purging, more laundry, less drama. Who’s in?