Kara’s Collection: Metamorphosis

From an article originally posted May 4, 2013…

It was the summer of 1994. I had just graduated, but more importantly Jesus had taken ahold of me and changed me forever. My life was dramatically changed and richly influenced by the sweetest group of friends I still consider some of my dearest friends. Several of the people from this season came and cared for me through my darkest days with cancer. Each one is a beautiful gift to me.

As you know, when radiation started, I didn’t want to show up. My dear friend Asa wrote the neatest book of strength. This book traveled far and wide. This book.... This book showed up just in time. First, here is the package it showed up in. This is the map of how this book of love traveled.

This beautiful book had traveled all over the country to bring me joy. Oh my soul, I can’t tell you what a beautiful, timely, amazing gift this was for me. I tried to take my time reading it, but I couldn’t resist. Right in the car pickup line at the kids school I devoured this gift. The kids entered the car to a tear stained mama. But what happy tears. What a gift of life these people brought me. It was absolutely humbling. The book now rests in our coffee spot. For me, the most sacred place in my home. When I am weary I pull this book out and I’m reminded of the gift of community. I was utterly changed by you all.

Thank you friends. You cannot know the gift you all are to me! How could anyone do this walk alone?

I’m so glad I’m not asked to. So much love! I’m humbled.