Kara's Collection: Here Comes the Bride

From an article originally posted February 28, 2013…

I’m awake, unable to sleep and anticipation of our first worship service. We are having our first practice service this Sunday. It is a true service, but we are working out the kinks this first trial run. It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming, and it’s amazing.

At the wedding of Wil and Mary Nettleton, I heard the most beautiful picture of the church. The church is the bride of Christ. It’s his beloved, his treasure, his love, the very thing he died for. Every bride, though flawed, wears white to paint this beautiful picture. And every groom weeps with love at the first site of his bride.

When Jesus looks at Westside, He doesn’t fret and grow frustrated with our flaws, He looks longingly and lovingly at us. He isn’t concerned about the color of the tablecloth on the communion table, or the number of songs we sing, or the font of our bulletin, He sees His bride there full of love. He overlooks our many flaws at Westside Church and looks at us with hope and love. Do we look at our Bridegroom with the same love or are we all tied in knots over the details of the day we forget to look on His loving face? I keep thinking of this picture as I can’t sleep thinking through some of the most minute details. I do not fully understand the love Jesus has for his bride, but I pray thoughts of His love put me to sleep tonight instead of some of the other many details that are swimming in my head.

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the chapel service where my kids go to school. It was such fun. I really enjoyed it. I think some of the kids may never forgive me for saying I don’t like chocolate cake. When I was through, a sweet girl in Ella’s class came up to me and gave me a verse. It’s beautiful. It is my new favorite. I pray it sinks deeply into my heart and enters all the places of unbelief.

But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.
— Acts 20:24